Using Signage to Attract Customers

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With a bricks-and-mortar storefront, every person that walks by is a potential customer. The question is: How do you turn this foot traffic into paying customers? How do you capture their attention and draw them in to your store?

One tried and tested way is with custom signs.

Custom signage will help your business stand out from the crowd and from competitors. It can also help to convey your brand voice and speak directly to your target customers.

However, creating custom signage that works isn’t easy. It takes a deep understanding of your target market, the design skills of an expert sign writer, and a healthy dose of retail psychology.

To help you understand what it takes to create signage that speaks to your market, we’re going to run your through some top tips for creating custom signs that will really capture attention.

Sign Writers Melbourne

Have a clear purpose

Firstly, you need to clearly identify what you want to achieve with your signage. Are you showcasing a particular product or service? Offering a special deal or limited time offer? Are you trying to sell, get people inside or get them to sign up to something? Knowing what you want to accomplish with the sign is essential for crafting clear and targeted messaging.

Avoid cluttered messaging

It can be tempting to overload your signage with a whole bunch of information. However, this clutter can confuse the message and make it hard to read.

The best signs are simple and direct, getting the necessary information across with as few words as possible. They also have a hook, something that piques the interest of the customer. It may be a limited time offer or even just a joke.

Don’t forget to take into account the size and style of your font. You want to make sure your font style is easily readable, while also matching your brand style and tone. In terms of font size, it should be big enough to be quickly and easily readable however far away your target customers are.

Create a clear colour contrast

Strong colour contrast will help to ensure that your sign is clear and readable. While red and green might be your branding colours, they contrast poorly on signage and may obscure your message.

Great combinations for high contrast include white and black, black and yellow, white and blue, white and red, and blue and yellow.

Colours can also be used to create immediate associations in a customer’s mind. For instance, green is typically associated with organic products, sustainable or environmentally friendly services or health services.Yellow is often associated with children or safety. Research colours and colour combinations, and find out which colours best suit your business. By taking advantage of these associations, you can make a stronger connection with potential customers.

Align the voice and design with your brand

As with anything associated with your business, your signage should reflect your branding. The colours and imagery should align with your brand and the tone of voice should reflect your business persona.

Think about what you want your signs to say about you and design them accordingly. If you run a cosy, friendly cafe,then you may want to use a cursive, handwriting-style font with flower patterning. Alternatively, if you run a late night music venue,you may want your signage to have impactful and bold text.

Craft your message

The text on your signage should always be effective and succinct. If your sign’s purpose is to advertise the times you are open, only include that information. If your sign is to let customers know of an upcoming sale, give them a call-to-action like “Buy now” or “Get ready”, and the details of the sale, like what discounts will apply and what days the sale is on.

Remember, your sign is to get people in the door, you can let them know other information once they’re inside. You can even encourage customers to ask you and your staff by adding a simple “Talk to us today” at the bottom of a sign.

Custom signs can be expensive but they can generate significant revenue when crafted well. If you want more traffic in your store, a well-designed custom sign can be the perfect way.