7 Benefits of Automated Packaging Systems

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Finding ways to save time, labour and money is vital for the profitability of any business. However, finding ways to do it that won’t compromise the quality of your product can be a challenge.

When it comes to packaging, an automated packing system offers a range of benefits while actually improving quality control.

Let’s have a look at some of the ways an automated packaging system can benefit your business.

1. Improve quality control

As mentioned above, an automated packing system can improve your quality control systems. Whereas humans are fallible, an automated system will make fewer mistakes than its human counterparts.

With an automated system, you can expect less wasted product due to packaging mistakes.

As machines don’t tire, less product is likely to be damaged or dropped during the packaging process. Packaging automation will also ensure that every product is consistently packed, ensuring a reliable experience for the end customer and better stock control for you.

2. Better packaging speed

Automated machines can also package products more quickly than manual workers. When it comes to bagging bulk product, manual labourers can only work so fast before spillage and over- or under-packing become an issue.

However, an automated system can be programmed to secure and fill bags precisely and efficiently. Automated bagging machines can then be used to quickly and securely close the bags.

Because machines reliably complete each step in a specific timeframe, bottlenecks are also reduced, improving overall packaging speed. In a non-automated set-up, workers won’t necessarily work at the same pace as each other. Some steps may take longer than others, like constructing a box versus labelling a box. Over time, this may mean work is stalled at particular steps affecting the entire process line.

3. Improve health and safety

Packing line work generally involves bulky and heavy products and the work can be repetitive and physically demanding. Packing workers are particularly susceptible to occupational overuse syndrome (OOS) also known as repetitive strain injury or RSI. They are also at high risk of back injuries, hand injuries and trips and falls.

Packaging automation systems can help to significantly reduce the strain and risk for these workers by automating some of the higher risk tasks.

Not only will this improve working conditions for your staff, but it will reduce the risk of workplace accidents.

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4. Reduce downtime

As machines can work more quickly and effectively than employees, you can also reduce downtime in your packaging operations. While workers need to take breaks to avoid injuries, machines can operate, theoretically, non-stop.

During peak periods, being able to meet high demand is crucial to optimising your output and profitability. With an automated packing system, you even have the option of 24-hour packing without the substantial overtime costs that come with keeping a large manual workforce active.

5. Reduce day-to-day costs

While this kind of machinery may be a significant up-front investment, over time it will pay for itself in terms of reduced staffing costs and improved productivity. By reducing your reliance on a manual workforce, you’ll be able to significantly reduce your salary costs.

An automated system will also help to reduce product wastage. With correct programming, they will only use what is needed, removing the expense of human error.

6. Specialised packaging

Due to the versatility of automated packing technology, you can find an automated solution perfectly suited to your product. Whether you need vacuum packing, pressure filling, sterilised packing or inflatable protection, you can find a system tailored to your needs. Read Tips for Commercial Packaging

Because the system is specifically designed with your product in mind, it will also minimise the packing materials required and optimise packing efficiency. And this means your packed product will take up the minimal amount of space, which will save you on shipping costs.

7. Requires less floor space

Finally, machines can be more economical when it comes to floor space than a fully staffed packing line. Consider how much space multiple workers need to complete a task versus a single compact machine.

With a reduction in required floor space, you may be able to further reduce your business’ running costs as you may not need to rent as large a space. Alternatively, you can complete more tasks in the workspace, like storing packaged products on site. This could mean you don’t need to hire additional spaces.

Automated packaging systems are becoming more commonplace and it’s easy to see why for all the benefits they provide businesses. They are more efficient and effective than traditional workers, resulting in greater profits for you.