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Bi-fold tracked shutters are available in a variety of panel configurations and operate with ease in conjunction with bi-fold doors allowing the user to effortlessly concertina large runs of shutters out of the way and bring the outside in.
Please call us directly or email us with your requirements and we can provide prices upon request.
Benefits of Shutters
Equally suited to the most modern and traditional surroundings our shutters can be tailored to blend into your existing décor or if you wish to be bold configured and coloured to make a lifestyle statement.
Shutters are possibly the most versatile door and window furnishing available in today’s market place and with their clean look and styling, make an excellent addition to any room.
Ultimate light control
Great for Privacy
Sound insulation
Low maintenance
Insulating and economical
Perceived security
Allows light and keeps rooms cool in summer
Bifold Systems
Bi-fold Plantation Shutters contain shutter panels that are hinged together and therefore fold against each other, similar to a closet door.
Panels can be free hanging or used with a track, which helps to guide and support the panels.
Bi-fold panels can be configured to where panels open all to one side or to where they open to both sides of the door.


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